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Jessica Chiasson Wood

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Dungeness Crab Legs

Dungeness crab has a sweet, succulent, and tender flavor. It also has the usual properties of crabmeat, being nutritious and very low in saturated fat. I boil them the same way we do all crabs and crawfish in seafood boil, and serve with lemon garlic butter.

In a separate pot, I boiled small red potatoes and smoked sausage links in seafood boil. Two clusters per person is the perfect amount with some potatoes and a few pieces of the sausage.

The amount of seafood boil will depend on how spicy you like it. I used 1/4 cup Louisiana brand seafood boil (powdered) and eyeballed for the potatoes and sausage.

Serve with melted garlic butter.

Fun Fact

The Dungeness crab has always been abundant along the pacific coast. Although Indians and other coastal foragers had enjoyed the Dungeness crab for centuries, it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that an unnamed innovative fisherman decided there might be a market for all of those big meaty crabs that seemed to be crawling around everywhere. Not surprisingly, this revelation took place in a small fishing village situated on a tiny spit at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula; Dungeness, Washington, now called Old Town Dungeness.

It’s Carnival Time

Mardi Gras is on Fat Tuesday, February 21, 2012!

 Mardi Gras mean music, parades, picnics, floats, excitement … and one immense holiday in New Orleans! Everyone is wearing purple, green, and gold; and decked out in beads caught from stunning floats. To New Orleanians, “Mardi Gras” specifically refers to the Tuesday before lent, the highlight of the season.

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