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Battle Before the War

Josie Smith-Malave, Micah Fields, Sheldon Simeon

It’s down to eight cheftestants in this pre-Restaurant Wars episode and the pressure is on in this Quickfire as the cheftestants must impress culinary icon Wolfgang Puck with one of his favorite ingredients.

Quickfire Challenge: Ginger

Wolfgang and Padma introduce the secret ingredient for the day: ginger. The chefs have to create a dish using ginger in under 15 minutes.

Brooke nabs immunity with a ginger caramel squid, but Sheldon didn’t think. Given the short amount of time, he thought stir-fry was mostly a shortcut.

Brooke Williamson

Elimination Challenge

In the Elimination Challenge, Restaurant Wars begins! They are mixing it up a bit this year. It will be a 2-part war.

Chrissy Camba, Sheldon Simeon

The chefs will be cooking up new concepts for more than 200 people at the city’s premier food event, Bite of Seattle. Legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer joins as guest judge alongside Gail Simmons, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.

Each cheftestant had to come up with a complete restaurant concept and present a dish that embodies the proposed restaurant at Bite of Seattle, a big food convention. The two winners would each receive $10,000, and they’d get to decide the menu for Restaurant Wars.

Eliza Gavin, Kristen Kish

Josie is lagging behind again. Her “homey” food concept is good, but the pork is not.

Brooke presents an un-kosher Jewish inspired soup , but it gets a mixed review.

Stefan’s presented a lobster bisque and a Bavarian lollipop. The bisque is good, but the lollipop failed.

Micah decides to plate sashimi for his raw restaurant idea.

Lizzie’s concept comes from a part of Italy, but it’s heavy and no one is really pleased.

Sheldon makes a sour tamarind soup that he learned from his grandfather, Kristen wows the judges again with her modern French formal fare. The onsen egg was cooked perfectly. Kristen and Sheldon both win this challenge. “Padma gave me 10 Gs for my birthday,” says Sheldon.

The two winners pick their Restaurant Wars teams without knowing who will be eliminated. The next part of Restaurant Wars will be a battle between the ladies and the guys.

Lizzie, Micah and Josie are in the bottom again. Micahhas to pack his knives and go. His raw plate just didn’t cut it.

Micah Fields

In every episode, one or more of the contestants eliminated. But you can help Save a Chef by voting in the Save a Chef  Competition by using the Chefs unique #hashtags – #SaveChef (insert chef’s name)

Chefs up for elimination this week for the Save A Chef competition. So make sure you vote to save your favorite Chef


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Preview Clip: Episode 6

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