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Season 10 Restaurant Wars

It’s men versus women in this week’s episode, as the cheftestants go into Restaurant Wars with the hopes of impressing world-renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer. Relationships are tested as restaurants are built from scratch, and each team must try to overcome the destructive mistakes of one of their fellow chefs. Emeril Lagasse and Gail Simmons join head judge Tom Colicchio and host Padma Lakshmi.

We pick up with part 2 of Restaurant Wars, and the teams are ramping up to create Sheldon and Kristen’s winning concepts from last week. The two teams had 48 hours to put a restaurant together. Team Kristen (Josie, Brooke, and Lizzie) will do Atelier Kwan, her semi-fancy, French concept, while Team Sheldon (Josh and Stefan) start setting up his Filipino restaurant, Urbano. With Micah eliminated, the men are short staffed.


The restaurants were built at the Georgetown Ballroom, but without a proper kitchen, the chefs had to build their own kitchen in the courtyard.

Brooke was chosen to run front of the house at Atelier Kwan.

Over at Urbano Stefan will be running front of the house.

In the kitchens, Sheldon and Josh ran a smooth service, while Josie had time issues making Kristen overwhelmed as she was trying to manage too much. In the end it all came down to good food and bad service at Urbano and good service and not so good food at Atelier Kwan.


The judges had a decision on their hand and to most the wrong one was made and Kristen is sent packing.


Congrats Boys and to Sheldon on your win!


Last Chance Kitchen: What would make for better drama than the unjustly eliminated Kristen fighting her way back into the finals in Last Chance Kitchen? And guess what…despite an over-use of saffron in her dish Kristen lives to fight another day.

Top Chef - Season 10

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