The 5 C’s of Super Bowl Food

written by Jessica Chiasson Wood on January 26, 2013 in Guest Post with 3 comments

The 5 C’s of Super Bowl Food

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching and people all over the country—especially in New Orleans!—are preparing to go all out in celebration.  Aside from the obvious (football), Super Bowl celebrations are known for one very important thing: hearty and delicious food, and lots of it!

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, the prospect of making a snack food feast can be pretty overwhelming; it’s easy to get carried away with wanting to make every type of appetizer imaginable!  To keep your cooking and your grocery budget in control, though, stick to the basics.  If you follow the 5 C’s of Super Bowl cooking and entertaining, you’re guaranteed to have a happy house full of football fans:

Chips and Queso

Queso & Beer

When you’re watching the game, you don’t need to be fussing with complicated appetizers that are difficult to grab or eat.  Keep it simple this Super Bowl and serve up a bowl of tortilla or potato chips with a piping hot bowl of queso dip—chips and queso are traditional football-favorites, easy to eat and completely addicting.  If you want some other dip options, try out buffalo chicken dip or spinach artichoke dip, or try tomato recipes like salsa or marinara sauce.

Chicken Wings

Sweet N Tangy BBQ Wings

Nothing says football more than spicy, tangy chicken wings, so be sure to include them on your appetizer table.  To save time on game day, marinate your wings the night before.  All you’ll have to do before the game starts is pop them in the oven and serve them up on a platter—they’re that simple.  Try this recipe for Sweet ‘n Tangy BBQ Wings if you’re in need of an easy recipe.


Chili & Beer

To make your Super Bowl food more of an actual meal than an appetizer spread, make sure there’s a main course option for your guests.  One of the easiest and yummiest Super Bowl meals is chili—it’s beefy, spicy and so simple to make.  Keep a pot of chili simmering on the stove or in your crockpot throughout the game; there are dozens of easy slow-cooker recipes out there that are great for the Super Bowl.


Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 9.00.27 AM

To balance out your savory snacks, make sure to serve some sort of dessert to satisfy your guests’ sweet teeth.  Whip up a quick batch of cookies (use football-shaped cookie cutters for the occasion!) or brownies and watch them disappear after all of your appetizers.


Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 9.06.46 AM

It’s impossible to eat this much food without something to wash it all down with!  When you’re preparing your Super Bowl feast, don’t forget to stock up on a variety of drinks—especially if you’re serving spicy nachos or hot wings.  Soda is crucial, and beer is always a popular game day drink with the over-21 crowd.  Keep everything chilled in the fridge throughout the game, or drag an icy cooler over to the couch for easy drink access.

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