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There’s still time for you to vote to Save a Chef

Your vote will keep one chef alive for another week. In the end, the last chef standing will compete in the Last Chance Kitchen finale.

Top Chef: Airs every Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo (November 7th 2012 to March 6th 2013).  Check out the full Top Chef Episode Guide.

And as a fan you will be able to save one of your favorite cheftestants who has been eliminated from the show and LCK. A head to head weekly Twitter vote will feature the most recently eliminated chef from LCK vs. the previous week’s highest vote earner.

• Voting starts on November 29th 2012 and ends on March 6th 2013
• Voting windows: Thursdays at 9am EST to the following Thursday at 12pm EST

In every episode, one or more of the contestants eliminated. But you can help Save a Chef by voting in the Save a Chef  Competition by using the Chefs unique #hashtags – #SaveChef (insert chef’s name)
Chefs up for elimination this week for the Save A Chef competition. So make sure you vote to save your favorite Chef


 #savechefcj or #savechefjosie

Want to know more about Cj and Josie you can see videos and their dishes here

If you missed an episode or are just tuning in do not fear I have episode recaps right here!

Preview Clip: Episode 6

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