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The 10th anniversary season of Top Chef kicks off as 21 chefs from around the country enter the kitchens of our judges — Tom ColicchioEmeril LagasseHugh Acheson, and the newest addition, Wolfgang Puck. Each judge tests their group of cheftestants in their own real-world challenge, and only the best will move on to Seattle to compete for the title of Top Chef.

Episode 1: The Ultimate Chef Test

Each judge tests a group of cheftestants in their own real-world challenge.

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Group 1: In Los Angeles, Tom Colicchio challenged Anthony, John, Jorel, Lizzie, and Micah to work on the line in his restaurant. Each chef was given a specific task to complete.
ELIMINATED: Anthony and Jorel
Group 2: In Las Vegas, Emeril Lagasse challenged Jeffrey, Joshua, Kristen, Stephanie, and Tina to make soup in one hour.
ELIMINATED: Stephanie and Tina
Group 3: In Beverly Hills, Wolfgang Puck challenged Carla, Chrissy, Daniel, Eliza, Kuniko, and Tyler to create an omelette in 45 minutes.
Group 4: In Atlanta, Hugh Acheson challenged Bart, Brooke, Danyele, Gina, and Sheldon to prepare a salad in 45 minutes.

The Top Chef coats — a hot commodity

The ‘Top Chef’ pantry!

Preview Clip: Episode 6

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