Benefits of Eating Garlic

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Benefits of Eating Garlic

The smell of garlic often makes people run away in an instant, but there are many health benefits of this vegetable. Eating garlic alone may not be the best way to consume this, but you can find other delectable ways of preparing it like making garlic dip or garlic toast. This is usually used as an herb or spice when cooking meals, but you will get the full strength of garlic when consumed raw. Here are some of the benefits of eating garlic, which can hopefully convince you to start munching on this potent food:


A study made by the scientists in {University of Kuwait} revealed that the serum antioxidant level in diabetic rats was higher after treating them with garlic. Thus, the serum glucose in rats decreased and lowered their systolic blood pressure. If you don’t have blueberries or grapes at home, then you can just eat some garlic.


Also known as the “food of love”, garlic has a long tradition of being an aphrodisiac. Tibetan monks believe that garlic ignites passion that’s why people are not allowed to enter the monastery if they ate garlic. According to Jewish history, {Ezra} ordered that garlic should be eaten every Friday night because it entices love-making. So if you are planning to go on a honeymoon or a romantic date, prepare some garlic, but make sure to brush your teeth after eating. You can trick your loved one into eating garlic by giving that to them while they are playing their favorite game like those at FoxyBingo. There are some people who will eat just about anything when they are engrossed with what they are doing.

Beauty Aid

Garlic contains a high amount of sulfur which can make your hair shinier and can tone up your skin. It can also make your skin smoother and strengthen your nails. If you are suffering from dandruff, then you can use garlic to treat that nasty scalp disease. Garlic when combined with B-complex can increase your metabolism thus making you have a slimmer body. Do you have acne? Just crush some fresh garlic then put them directly on your pimples. Make sure to wash your face right away if your skin starts to burn since the sulfur content in garlic is strong.

For more information visit University of Kuwait | Garlic WikiPedia |

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