New Discoveries: Dannon Activia French & Greek Selects

Dannon Activia Selects has come out with some new amazing flavors. Activia Selects French flavors include cherry, mango, pineapple, and blackberry.


For you Greek yogurt lovers out there the new flavors include vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, and pomegranate berry.

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New Discoveries: Special K cracker CHIPS sea salt

I finally got my hands on the Sea Salt Special K cracker chips and I like these even more than the sour cream & onion. The Sea Salt chips are thinner and crispier more like a chip!

The sea salt flavor is perfect not over powering, but just the right amount salt. They are perfect for dipping or just for a salty snack. In addition, for 110 calories, you can have 30 of these sea-salted-to-perfection, crispy cracker chips.

My husband even raved about the “chips” we dipped them in crab dip, salsa, Greek dill dip, and we both love them just are they are.

Special K cracker CHIPS & Roast Beef Sandwich

So I know I just blogged about these delightful new snacks, but I wanted to give them a shot at being more than just an afternoon snack. Therefore, I decided to have them alongside my roast beef sandwich in place of my normal kettle chips.

To my amazement, I didn’t even miss the kettle chips, the “cracker chip” did just fine as my salty crunchy side. So go ahead and indulge because we all know you can’t eat just one.

Not only are they great for snacking and dipping, but they are a great substitute for the normal high calorie chips.

I have received a few messages from people that are having a hard time finding the cracker chips so I have included a few links below if you would like to order them online!

To view the Special K cracker CHIP blog post click here

New Discoveries: Special K cracker CHIPS sour cream & onion

After seeing a few commercials about NEW Special K cracker CHIPS curiosity got hold of me. I didn’t quite know what to expect is it going to taste like a cracker or a chip.

Once we were home from shopping, I was curious to see what a “cracker chip” taste like. I give this hybrid a taste and wow; they are crisp, salty, light, and satisfying and have an astonishingly low calorie count. I get to eat 27 “cracker chips” for only 110 calories. A single serving is 30 grams (approx. 27 chips) which, for the Sour Cream & Onion flavor, comes in at 110 calories, 2.5g of fat (0g trans fat), 22g carbohydrates, 3g fiber, 2g of protein, and 230mg of sodium per serving.

This lovely new discovery comes in two flavors Sea Salt & Sour Cream & Onion. We bought the sour cream & onion I wanted to get both, but they were out of the sea salt hopefully I can pick those up next time.

New Discoveries: Panera Bread Greek Yogurt Vegetable Dill Dip

As my husband and I were in Sam’s Club picking, up a few things I head over to the cheese section to grab some feta, I notice a new item, Panera Bread Greek Yogurt Vegetable Dill Dip, and I could not help myself. I love vegetable dips and to top it off it is healthy because it is prepared with Greek yogurt.

I could not wait to get home to try this. My mouth starts to water as I think about the fresh sourdough French bread I have at home that will make a lovely companion to this amazing dip.

So we get home, get everything put away, pour a glass of wine, and I start slicing the French bread. The bread alone is delicious, but this dip made it even better. It is incredible I oohed and awed with every bite.