Best Food and Dining Experience at LA

It is no secret that people love to eat! Especially during an exotic vacation we get an opportunity to taste all the local cuisines of the area we are visiting. Los Angeles, known to be an extremely popular tourist destination is also one of the famous places to find food that teases the taste buds. Visitors to the US can travel to several places with a traveler’s visa, for instance an ESTA US Visa. To enjoy the location and mouth-watering delicacies as you travel through LA fill and submit an ESTA Visa Application.


Your everyday mornings start with a home-made coffee but when on a vacation to LA you must try the best espresso shops that make your favorite cappuccinos or lattes, mochas or a macchiato with a dash of caramel, or rich crème. These aromatic coffees will give a perfect start-off and make your day.

Breakfast at the Finest

After a nice cup of your coffee, eat like an emperor at the best breakfast offering restaurants. Preparing yourself for a day of sightseeing, pamper yourself with a super-rich breakfast. Taste the delicious slices of finely toasted brioche that is an inch thick melting with luscious butter or relish in the taste of appealing French ham and Gruyère cheese on a flawless over-easy egg with Mornay sauce

Restaurants for Allergic Diners

There are some of the best healthy eating restaurants in LA, with the funniest names attached to menu items. Serving absolute vegan, organic and carefully conscientious food, these restaurants are custom-made for people who need not worry about their food allergies. The restaurants in LA are ornate and have refreshing unique food creations

Restaurants for Meat Lovers

Home-made food lovers would love the wonderful combination of meat and vegetables at some of LA’s favorite restaurants. Some of the homely dishes that are frequently ordered include: a country duck with walnuts, rabbit pâté studded with green pistachios in the middle, ruby-striped salmon topped with fried egg with thin potato slices, and so on.

Food and Wine

From sugary waffles and tasty sausages to appetizing pizzas all are available at the local restaurants that pull-in locals and non-locals through the aromatic smell and tempting taste. The best served are the sweet maple and caramelized butternut squash, crispy moist chicken sprinkled with flavorful herbs. You can also find some the best varieties of nectarous wines in the country. LA being the home to one of the greatest Scotch bars is assured that your sports night would be thrilling.

The best endeavor of a city/country lies in the food that satisfies a person’s appetite. And LA has measured up to this standard delivering a most opulent dining experience.

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Written by Robert Hall a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me @travelplex

The cutest Voodoo dolls in the French Quarter

Welcome to the Jamie Hayes Gallery  this is one place you must visit if you are in New Orleans. I recently found this gallery/shop with walking through the French Quarter and fell in love!

I absolutely LOVE this shop! The dolls are so cute & the shop is bright and colorful.

The art is amazing!

Pick up a key chain doll to always have with you!

One of my favorites the Alligator!

A French Quarter art gallery featuring a unique selection of Jamie Hayes’ New Orleans style Art Prints, Children’s Books, Dolls, and Fine Art. Jamie Hayes Gallery offers a unique selection of Jamie’s New Orleans style Art Prints, Children’s Books, Whimsical Dolls, and Fine Art. Jamie’s popular themes include his Kitties, Pucker Fish, Music, Guitars, Blimps, Sun & Moon, Cajun Chefs and New Orleans style themes. Also notable are Jamie’s wildly successful doll collections: Big Lip “The Better to Kiss You With” and Voodoo Child Dolls “The Better to Stick You With.”

Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar

So I had to let you guys in on my absolute favorite place to eat. 15 minutes from downtown New Orleans is a hidden gem that packs the locals in. The food is outstanding, the beer is cold, and the atmosphere is casual. This is the kind of authentic Cajun joint locals know by heart, and visitors dream of finding. Known to locals simply as Harbor. Sharing the same roof and owner right next door, you will find Fisherman’s Cove where you can get the freshest seafood available.

Here are some of my favorites that their menu has to offer.

Fried Pickles – I have never eaten here without an order of these!

Blackened Alligator & Stuffed Mushrooms – Their blackened alligator is my absolute favorite!

Shrimp Po Boy – My husband’s favorite

Stuffed Eggplant Pirogue – This delicious fried eggplant half is stuffed with crabmeat dressing and topped with crawfish cream sauce. My Mom and I have shared this many times and it is always as delicious as the last.

Appetizer Tray – My Dad’s favorite and do not let the name fool you it has a bit of everything. Onion rings, fried crab claws (one of my guilty pleasures) stuffed mushrooms (click here to view my recipe) shrimp cocktail, fried calamari, and of so delicious fried crawfish tails.

If you are ever in town and want to eat like the locals make sure you head to Harbor.

{Guest Post Tuesday} Two Cajun restaurants off the beaten path in New Orleans

New Orleans is a food city, no doubt about it. if you’re going to New Orleans for the first time, people will tell you to go to the same restaurants. You’ll hear about the mythical crispy yet doughy beignets at Café du Monde near the riverbank. People will tell you about the oysters at Deanie’s in the French Quarter or fresh and cheap po boys at Johnny’s in the same area. While these are great places to dine, there are dozens of other worthy Louisiana restaurants without the same iconic status. Good Cajun food in particular can be found just about anywhere in the city at any price point, offering savory seafoody-and-boudin-sausagy goodness in so many forms that you’ll have to order multiple dishes just to appreciate the diversity of the cooking style.

There are two restaurants that I’d like to recommend tourists visiting New Orleans. They’re off the beaten path of the French Quarter, but they’re nothing more than a brief walk from the most touristy hotspots. If you’re planning a trip soon, you’d do well to give these places a try. If you’re a New Orleans native (I’m not but I’ve visited several times) let me know what your take is on these places.

The Praline Connection

This place is a Cajun comfort food paradise. The Praline Connection is just north of the main French Quarter area on Frenchman street, and it’s a popular eatery among locals. As the menus proudly explain, the restaurant was originally started as a food delivery service to homes where both parents worked too much to have time to cook dinner. The food was so good that they moved to a permanent location, and the business has been bustling ever since. Tourists might be initially turned off by the restaurant’s bland exterior and somewhat rundown interior, but don’t let appearances fool you. The Cajun and soul food cooked at this restaurant cook rival any other. The servers are about the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and they can confidently explain everything on the menu, down to the slightest detail.

As for the food itself, I heartily recommend the sausage jambalaya, the meatloaf, and the crawfish etouffee. You can taste the care in every bite of food, from the perfectly cooked cabbage to the scrumptious bread pudding meant for only the most diehard sweet lovers. Oh, and they also have ribs (that’s right, ribs in New Orleans) that will make you reconsider those found at a traditional barbeque. You can save a lot of money by ordering combo platters meant to be shared between several people, and sample a little bit of everything in the process!


This gem of a restaurant is a ways south of the French Quarter, but it’s definitely worth a long walk or a short taxi ride. Named after a river in New Orleans a bit west of the Mississippi, Atchafalaya puts a contemporary twist on some favorites of Cajun and New Orleans soul food. The ambiance of the restaurant is a combination between upscale dining and casual dining, which makes sense because the eating area looks like the dining room of an old colonial house.

For lunch you can swing by and get a mouth watering steak sandwich with bleu cheese or a to-die-for duck confit po boy, the meat of which is cooked in a savory brown sauce that you’ll sop up every last drop of. Dinner fare is equally pleasing (but more expensive), including their famous shrimp and grits, crawfish and duck pasta, and boudin-stuffed quail. For people looking for brunch fare, you can’t go wrong with Atchafalaya’s crab omelet or their duck hash! The food is served in smallish portions, which you’ll understand once you’ve tasted the rich and delicious dishes.

What hidden food gems do you frequent when you’re in New Orleans?

This guest post is contributed by Katheryn Rivas. She welcomes your comments at her email Id:

National Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad Joins Chef John Besh in Making World’s Best Jambalaya

Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Digital Nomad, recently caught up with celebrity chef John Besh in New Orleans to learn the secret to making the world’s best Jambalaya. Not only did he post a video on his blog from Besh’s home, but also included Besh’s world-renowned Pork & Sausage Jambalaya recipe:

Photo by Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler

 Throughout his Louisiana adventure, Evans has tweeted, blogged and vlogged his travels on’s Digital Nomad blog, his Twitter account @WheresAndrew and his Facebook page.

Andrew Evans and John Besh

Photo by Heather Wyatt, National Geographic Traveler

I hope you all indulge and enjoy World’s Best Jambalaya by Chef John Besh of my home town, New Orleans!